Incorporate Screencasting into your lesson plans

Introduction – Jing and Screenr A few months ago I decided to use screencasting more in lessons. The first programme I tried was Jing. I actually liked it so much that I took out the pro membership which was very cheap but gave more benefits. Then I discovered Screenr which seems to have all the benefits of Jing pro as well, although it is free.   I wanted my class to do two things: *Learn how to create a Voki (a little avatar that can speak) . *Get their Vokis to complain about an issue in...

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Screencasting with Screenr is so easy

Today I thought I would experiment with Screenr as a screencasting tool to illustrate some aspects that I want to highlight in a talk I am presenting tomorrow. I normally use Jing, and I will write about Jing at some stage as well. Well first of all I went along to the Screenr website and joined. There was a video giving instructions right there and so I watched it.  In fact click on the picture below and you will be taken to the instruction video See how easy it looks. For my talk tomorrow I w...

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