Teaching with Projects

4 hours

Outcomes: In this module you will:

  • Discuss the Intel® Teach Essentials Course goals and expectations
  • Create Portfolio folders for saving portfolio materials
  • View the Project Plan Template, Portfolio Rubric, and sample Project Portfolios
  • Review research on project planning and a project-approach to learning
  • Create a publication to explain projects to others
  • Reflect on your learning
  • Begin planning projects that integrate ICT and target higher-order thinking and 21st Century skills


Essential Question

  • How can ICT be used most effectively to support and assess learning?

Module Questions

  • How can projects help my learners meet assessment standards and develop 21st Century skills?
  • How can I use projects to enhance learning?


Activity 1: Getting Started
Introduce: Yourself
Discuss:   Course goals and expectations
Create:   Portfolio folder
View:  Project Plan Template
Activity 2: Examining Good Instructional Design
View: Research on good project design
Discuss:  Project planning
Set: Learning goals for the course
View: Portfolio Rubric
Activity 3: Looking at Projects
Discuss: Characteristics of projects
View: Sample Project Portfolios
Research: Project-based learning
Activity 4: Planning a Publication to Explain Projects
Plan:   A publication to explain projects
Research: Project-based learning
View:  Sample publications
Activity 5: Creating My Publication
Outline: A publication
Add: Features
Activity 6: Reflecting on My Learning
Review: Key points of the module
Note:  Your accomplishments

A blog entry that reflects on your learning

Planning Ahead Beginning the Planning Process
Plan:  Project Plan ideas
Brainstorm: Incorporating 21st Century skills into your Project Plan
Locate: Curricular materials for your project