Educators’ Network

Educators’ Network

Educators’ Network

What is the Educators’ Network (EDN)?

The Educators’ Network is an educator ICT development programme that guides online communities of educators to learn with and from each other. It is open to all educators in and beyond the boundaries of South Africa. It consists of:

  • Introductory training
    • Teachers that are introduced to the Educators’ Network for the first time receive two days of training (optional) that introduces them to the learning approach and tools required.
  • Materials
    • Public domain CD-based experiential learning materials, arranged in modules.
    • Currently there are 20 modules.
    • Materials are context-free, but the educators participating are directed to provide their own rich classroom contexts to all activities.
  • Online communities of educators
    • Educators who participate in the modules are grouped into virtual communities of up to 20.
    • Individuals in each group are linked to each other by e-mail groups.
    • Participants also collaborate and share using various online tools such as blogs, Windows Live groups, Adobe Connect and Partners in Learning Network
  • Tutor support for groups and individuals
    • SchoolNet SA’s specially trained tutors facilitate the learning in these groups online, using mostly e-mail.
    • Tutors support the educators and encourage them to grow and improve their skills as they integrate ICT with teaching and learning.
    • Tutors are facilitated by a tutor coordinator, who ensures the quality of mentoring at all times.
  • Tracking and archiving
    • Interactions between participants are avaliable for viewing on the online networks which they use during their courses. These online communities are sustained beyond the duration of the course.
    • Educators develop and share a portfolio of work, which is archived.
  • Recognition / Accreditation
    • In South Africa the Univeristy of KwaZulu-Natal offers an Advanced Certificate in Education based entirely on the EDN. It was briefly discontinued due to restructuring, but will resume in 2012.
    • The Commonwealth of Learning have adopted the EDN and funded some upgrade modifications. The same materials are being used in The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago and are known as the Commonwealth Certificate for Teacher ICT Integration (CCTI). Certification by the University of the West Indies is imminent.

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