EDN Framework

EDN Framework

EDN Framework

This is a summary of those parts of the framework that are still valid in our understanding the Educators’ Network today. Some aspects, such as the assessment strategy and recommended modules for development, have been superceded by more recent developments.

The need for a framework emerged as a result of perceptions that the many previous educator development programmes experienced by both SchoolNet SA and a multitude of other ventures countrywide were not effective in influencing learning and teaching with ICT at classroom level.

The Educational Foundation

Every attempt was made to align the framework with policy documents in an education system in transition.

The Key Principles

Key teacher competencies for ICT integration were identified and these formed te basis on which modules and their assessment strategy were developed.

After an extensive literature review and input from the many years of experience of a consultative group, eleven key principle were identified. These principles have been the basis of all further development wherever Schoolnet has been involved. See the framework’s references and the literature review to read more about the projects and papers that have influenced our model.

Flexible Delivery

The need was identified for equity in access to learning for all; to as far as possible minimise the effect of the digital divide in this country. It was also important to develop flexible learning pathways to allow for the diverse interests and needs or educators. The model had to allow for self-pacing and school-based development.

The Learning Model

The recommended model was distance learning model that strongly featured:

  • experiential learning based on classroom contexts
  • activities-based materials
  • online communities of learners
  • mentor-assistance
  • CD-based activities with supporting content
  • reflection and change

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