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Himalayan Lands
Explore the unique geography, culture, wildlife and history of the Himalayas lands of India, Nepal and Tibet.
Geologic Past
Relatively recently in the Earth's history, the Indian subcontinent's collision course with mainland Asia created a geologic marvel - the formation of the mighty Himalayas.
Each year, thousands of tourists are attracted to the Himalayas. For trekking is more than a sport - it is the most effective way to discover the hidden lands and cultures in the Himalayas.
Flora and Fauna
Discover the fantastic biodiversity of the Himalayas. The mountains are home to a large variety of flora and fauna, many of which are unique to the region.
Environmental Problems
The eco-system of the Himalayas is delicately balanced. Find out how erosion, overgrazing, forest degradation, and other problems have pervaded the Himalayas' sensitive ecosystem.
Explore our growing repository of maps of the Himalayan region.
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Guided Tour
Travel with a bird's eye view on a guided tour through Himalayan hotspots.

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