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Educational Objectives

The site provides a 'spotlight' view of the continent of Africa. While aiming to present a 'complete' picture of a continent as large and diverse as Africa is not practical, the team has worked hard to provide a spotlight on as many aspects of the varied and diverse life in Africa. This site aims to attract students, teachers and Africa enthusiasts from all across the world and offers to add to their understanding of the continent. The web site goes well beyond dictionary and encyclopaedia entries and provides a look at topics including people, wildlife, national parks, and various land forms. The original content is easy-to-understand and directly useful to teachers and students in the classroom. Moreover, the displayed pictures, maps, videos from a variety of sources (some of them their own) to provide the information in a more effective manner.

snapshotThe authors also decided to extend the focus on the tremendous diversity of wildlife present in the continent - there is a focus on wildlife and the national parks where they are conserved. Moreover, with the interactive game and quizzes, the site aims to attract visitors to have fun, compete with each another, and learn more about the continent at the same time - "infotainment". The virtual postcards and safari are fun features that serve to attract users, who are then gradually guided towards more information. The site attempts to present information in the truly Internet style of learning - students and teachers can learn actively, interact with other users, and even upload their own text and images to the site if they want.

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