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In the process of building this site, we have come across many web-sites that - in one way or another - have a connection with Africa. Although the information that you can find at our site is exhaustive, we cannot hope to cover every aspect of this huge continent.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of sites by other people and organisations that may be useful if you want to find out even more about this continent. Choose from the topics on the right to explore the World Wide Web! You will find the first set below.

general Africa links

The North Africa Journal - Monthly publication provides analyses and commentary on North African affairs. Focus on business and economics in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia

One World News Service Africa

Africa News Online
http://www.africanews.orgREMOTE Lonely Planet Online World African Network Online

African Topics Select from

Africa South of the Sahara - Multiple links for every African country. Issues dealing with travel, geography, humanitarian efforts, business directories, schools, government issues, current events, etc. EcoNews Africa - "an NGO initiative that analyses global environment and development issues from an African perspective" it is a "joint project of several Kenyan non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from March 1992 to June 1996 when it was incorporated as a not-for-profit voluntary organization.&qout; Access to the EcoNews Africa Newsletter.

"Africa Web Links: an Annotated Resource List" Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Copyright © 1996. Links to African web sites. Includes the following categories: African Studies, Anthropology, Arts and Architecture, Business and Trade, Development, Environment, Food and Agriculture, Health, History, Human Rights, K-12 Studies, Languages, Law, Relief Work, Universities, and more!!!

great Africa links

The Web of Culture- Incredible information on Africa and the world. Includes currency, capitals, embassies, languages, religions, time zones, weather, and more.

Africa - Country Specific Pages - Includes links to the World Factbook entry for each country. Links to countless African Sites. Anyone searching for information on Africa should start here.

Africa Online - Current Events, business, travel, sports, education, health, music, women, kids, weather. For up to date information on Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe.

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