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ICT Skills for Principals

Use Tuthong for professional growth (Beginner level)

As a professional educator and school manager you will be looking out for opportunities to grow professionally by accessing content for school managers or contacting other school managers. The national education portal, Thutong, offers you the opportunity to grow like this.

I try to find people in other places who are leading successful schools, and to share ideas with them. If you can identify an idea from one school you visit, and add it to your own ideas, then you can grow your own mountain.
Malcolm Dixon, Frimley School, New Zealand

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

- Register as a user on Thutong
- Sign in to Thutong
- Conduct searches on Thutong
- Join a discussion group on Thutong

Use the portal for your own needs and interests:

1. Register for Thutong or Sign in to Thutong. See how »
2. Search the administration section using a topic search. See how »
3. Search the professional development database for a school management topic which interests you. See how »
4. Join the principal's discussion list: You can use email to communicate with other principals. See how »
5. Explore Thutong according to your own needs.

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