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Enhance learning through two way feedback (Advanced level)

Marking essays and projects is the often something that teachers hate doing. If teachers view assessment as a dialogue between the student and the teacher, this assessment can become part of the teaching and learning strategy. With Microsoft OneNote teachers have the opportunity to receive all assignments in digital format and to use audio recording tools to give context-sensitive feedback.

Note: For giving feedback in Microsoft Word refer to the scenario: “Review a document

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Start OneNote
- Record audio
- Use drawing tools
- Annotate a document
- Playback audio

In order to replicate the example given on this page you will follow these steps. However, we encourage you to use these skills to prepare learning resources for your own classes.

1. Start Microsoft OneNote. See how »
2. Open a notebook. See how »
3. Draw with touch. See how »
4. Record audio. See how »
5. Playback the feedback. See how »
6. Share by email. See how »

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