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Create a class database (Advanced level)

As an educator you want to keep records of learners in your class. You need to store this information in a way which allows you to search through it efficiently, and to update it when necessary. You also need to print out some of this information. You will use the database application called Microsoft Access to build a simple database for your class.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Create a database
- Create tables, forms, and reports
- Sort, search and filter data
- Create a report

Create your own class database - one which you will find useful. Alternatively, follow this example. To do so you would typically work through the following steps:

1. Start Microsoft Access. See how »
2. Create a blank data base: This database needs to be saved in an appropriate place. This is the only time you have to save this document, from now on it will save your data automatically. See how »
3. Create a table: The first thing to do is to create a table and add all the needed fields e.g. ID, First name, Surname. See how »
4. Create a form: A form is the best way to enter, view and edit the information in your database. You can use a form to create records for all learners in your class. See how »
5. Create records: Use the form to populate your database with information about each learner. This simply requires you to type the data in each form.
6. Sort your data: You can sort data you have entered in the data base. See how »
7. Find specific information: You can search for any information in any field in the data base. See how »
8. Filter data: You can filter your data to exclude information that you do not require. See how »
9. Create a report: This allows you to prepare reports on any of the fields of information that you have selected. See how »

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