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Write and record a song (Intermediate level)

As a teacher you may give your learners a project in which they are challenged to be creative and, amongst other things, record a soundtrack as part of the project product (which may be a video). Songsmith makes this task easy for the learners. They can write lyrics and a song and prepare a song file in a number of formats with relative ease.

Note: You will require earphones and microphone for this scenario.
Note: Songsmith is free for teachers that register on the Partners in Learning Network. Look under the Resources | Free tools section once you have logged in there.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Start Songsmith
- Create a new song
- Edit the sound and style of music
- Edit the vocal soundtrack
- Save the song file in a usable format
- Export the song to different formats
- Insert the sound track into a video

Create your own song - one which you will find useful. Follow this example. To do so you would typically work through the following steps:

1. Start Songsmith. See how »
2. Start a new song: The best way to start is to just record a first version of your song. Songsmith does all the work for you. See how »
3. Change the sounds: Once you have recorded your basic song you can make changes to the style of music and the tempo, amongsth other things. See how »
4. Record a new vocal track: Now that you have the music refined to your satisfaction, re-record your voice while listening to the music. See how »
5. Save and export the song to share it: Share this music with collaborating classes or friends and family. See how »
6. Add the song to a video: The final song cannow be easily insrted into a video. See how »

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