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Manage research references (Intermediate level)

Ideally you want your students to access and reference information from a range of sources to create new knowledge. Managing these multiple resources can become a challenge for the student. Microsoft OneNote helps them to access and reference these notes with a feature called Linked Notes. As a teacher, the record of research that Linked Notes keeps helps you to see the evidence of their research and assess that skill based on this evidence. In this scenario we imagine that you have given your students a project about deforestation and the students use One Note to manage their information sources.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Start OneNote
- Create a Linked Note
- Record research
- Manage sources of information

You are welcome to copy this scenario demonstration step-by-step, but ideally you should apply these skills while conducting your own research.

1. Start Microsoft OneNote. See how »
2. Create a new notebook - the student will create a new notebook for this project. See how »
3. Start a Linked Note - the student will start a Linked Note so that the research notes will be recorded. See how »
4. Research information while recording the note taking. See how »
5. Review the notes that you have taken. See how »
6. Create a new section and name it “Gathered Information” See how »
7. Save a picture. See how »
8. Copy and paste text from a web page.

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