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Abstract from P02's response

I think it's a good idea because a lot of people will see, hear, and know our products well and better. They will remember our products. When they will buy that kind of products, they will tell the seller our products' name. Besides, some ads don't sell anything, but only to convince people to do or not to do something.

Abstract from P05's response

...If we have products we think it's the one important factor to produce to give they know our products and will advertise everywhere we know such as on radio, television, in newspapers and magazines, website, sign etc.... For our advertising, we should know target group who like to consume the products and consumer's behaviour.....

Abstract from P06's response

If we just give only the information people will be bored. So we have to tricks on something unique to attract them more. The reasons we agree to use advertising are (1) People will know our product well (2) It can make your marketing easier (3) There are so many benefits of advertisements actually....

Abstract from P09's response

...Advertising can promote commercial goods, service, companies and can be used to inform, educate and motivate the public....... If advertisements give information only, some people will get mad ....... Marketers see advertising as a part of an overall promotional strategy.

Sample Advertisement

Responses from my class

1) Yellow Team
We should advertise our products .Advertising helps a rapid distribution of goods. The prices should be reasonable. prices.

2) Green Team
Advertising draws attention to new ideas and so helps enormously to raise standards of living. It also helps to pay for many services.

3) Red Team
We are against advertising because it persuades rather than inform. The advertisers try to make us believe that our dreams will come true if we buy their products. In other words, they imply that money can make our dreams come true.

4) Blue Team
We think advertisements can make people feel depressed and discontented with their ordinary lives, especially those people who have only a small amount of money to spend on luxuries.

5) Orange Team
We are for. Without advertisements, our daily newspaper would cost a dollar or more, the price of our television license would need to be doubled, and travel by bus would cost more.



Ms. Khin Aye Cho (P010)
Language Teacher and Grade 10 students,
No.2, Basic Education High School, Dagon Township,
Yangon, Union of Myanmar.