"Learning Circles"

" Health is Wealth "

" Response from my class"

i) Student (1) - Good health is so important for us. 
- We need to keep ourselves,our house and surroundings always clean.
ii) Student (2)

- We need to eat food that will promote good health.
- We must avoid eating food that is too rich or oily and we must have a medical check-up once a year.


iii) Student (3)

-  We should take up sports or tale regular exercises even if they are simple one like walking so that we can keep our weight under control.
iv) Student (4) -We must also set aside some time for relaxation as an overworked person cannot be a healthy man.

PP7, Daw Khin Aye Cho, Language Teacher and Grade 8 students
No (2) Basic Education High School Dagon,Yangon

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