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WebQuests (ICT Integration)

Module 2 - WebQuests: Analysis and evaluation (With Internet)

2 hours

We continue our voyage of discovery into the world of WebQuests. In this workshop you will participate in a WebQuest as you analyse and evaluate other WebQuests.

The insight that you gain in this workshop should prepare you for being able to critically view any WebQuest and make decisions about adapting and improving it for your own use.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reflect on WebQuests.
  • Participate in a WebQuest.
  • Analyse WebQuests.
  • Evaluate WebQuests.

Workshop question:
Can WebQuests enhance learning and achieve curricular learning outcomes?

  Description Resources
1 Orientation (15 min)
  • Meet as class.
  • Pool your current knowledge about WebQuests
    • what are the most important ideas about a WebQuest?
    • what would you expect to gain from participating in a WebQuest?
2 Collaborative analysis (90 min)
  • Meet in groups of four.
  • Select a phase from the list in the right-hand column. Click on that phase.
  • Allocate each group member a different role as described in the WebQuest.
  • Participate in the WebQuest.
Click here to open a WebQuest for:

» Grade 3-4
» Elementary phase
» Senior phase
» Senior phase and older
» Grade 7-12 Social Studies
3 Conclusion (15 min)

  • Regroup as a class.
  • Discuss your experience of working with a WebQuest.
    • were you engaged by the activity?
    • how did you function as a collaborative group?
    • did you learn more about WebQuests?
    • what makes a good WebQuest?
    • do you have ideas about how you can use this learning model in your class?
    • did you gain what you expected to gain from participating in a WebQuest?

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