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WebQuests (ICT Integration)

Module 4 - Handbook for managing WebQuests (With Internet)

2 hours 30 mins

WebQuests are ideal for teachers to use when they are planning engaged learning sessions for their classes. They are usually ready for use, with good ideas for collaborative learning. Does this mean that all WebQuests lessons will be a guaranteed success?

What can teachers do, or not do, that will quite likely sabotage the best-designed WebQuest? Are there tips that you could give a teacher to ensure that a WebQuest lesson is successful and enjoyable?

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify a variety of instructional strategies in WebQuests.
  • Identify classroom management issues related to WebQuests.
  • Participate in a WebQuest.
  • Compile a handbook for WebQuest classroom management.

Workshop question:
How can I ensure that a good WebQuest runs successfully?
What classroom management and student grouping strategies
are most effective in a project-based classroom?

  Description Resources
1 Orientation (15 min)
  • Meet as class.
  • Pool your current knowledge about managing WebQuests
    • what are likely pitfalls in running a WebQuest session in the classroom?
    • what should teachers know about managing WebQuests?
2 Collaborative group work (120 min)
  • Meet in groups of four.
  • Allocate each group member a different role as described in the WebQuest.
  • Participate in the WebQuest.
» View Tips for managing WebQuests in the classroom
3 Conclusion (15 min)
  • Regroup as a class.
  • Discuss your experience of working with a WebQuest.
    • were you engaged by the activity?
    • how did you function as a collaborative group?
    • did you learn more about managing WebQuests in the classroom?
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