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Welcome to The Cuban Experience!  This site offers many features that can supplement classroom activities and help students learn about Cuba.

Using this and many other web sites will help your students learn more about Cuba.  Be sure to take advantage of the interactive features of this site and the multimedia available on the Internet.

Research on a Topic


This site features a wide variety of detailed information perfect for doing reports.  By using it, students will not only learn about Cuba, but will gain proficiency in Internet use as well.   This site covers many topics that are commonly the focus of research in school.  Whether your students are studying American history or Che Guevara, this site will be beneficial to their understanding.

There are two simulations in this site.  The first will let your students simulate the Cuban Missile Crisis.  They can choose to be Castro, Kennedy, or Khrushchev, and can get a feel for making important decisions, then seeing the result.  There is also a Virtual Tour of Cuba, which will show students many aspects of Cuban life.

Tests and Quizzes

What to See

In the People section, there is one quiz testing information covered in the section.  When the site-wide trivia contest, which covers all the information on this site, is over, the answers will be provided to those who want them.  Teachers can also make up their own tests based on information in this site.

There are several features of this site that are of special value to students and teachers.  Things such as the interview with Jorge Domínguez, Virtual Tour of Cuba, and the general discussion board, for meeting others interested in Cuba, all worth a look.  Also be sure to visit the Culture section and look at the photographs available there.

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