How to create a video about your Learning Activity for the SA and Lesotho Global Forum

The SA Global Forum entries close on Monday 3rd June at midnight and this is just a last minute help on making the required 2 minute video that needs to accompany your application. There are three ways that you can make this video.

a) Record yourself speaking using your cell phone

This is by far the simplest way. Record yourself talking about your project on your cell phone and download the movie on to your computer. Upload the file with your Learning Activity and application.

b) Use Photostory 3 and save it as a movie

Photostory 3 is a free programme that comes with Windows. If you have just photos and you want to add narration to the photos this is the programme for you to use. You can also add text to the photos

Here is a tutorial for using Photostory 3 from the Partners in Learning UK YouTube channel

c) Use Windows Live Windows Movie Maker

If you have a PowerPoint you would like to use you can easily create this into a Windows Movie Maker video. In addition to the PowerPoint you can use extra photos, video clips, music and narration if you want to. 

This is a typical Windows Live Movie Maker interface. 


If you look at the image above you’ll see that there is a place that says ‘Add videos and photos’. After you do this the media clips appear on the timeline on the right hand side. Then after that you add as many effects as you like. You can even add titles and credits to your movie.  This video from Microsoft gives the overall perspective

Let’s do this step by step

a) Create a PowerPoint about your project.

b) Save each slide on your PowerPoint as a separate JPEG or PNG file.

If you are not sure how to turn each slide into a picture here is a PDF that someone created showing you the steps to saving each slide as an image

c) These slides are now separate images so save them to Windows Live Movie maker in the normal way.

d) If you have any movie clips you want to add do this now and place the clips exactly where you want them to be. 

e) Now add sound to your search bar on your computer. Just ask for Sound Recorder – it is part of Windows. It will appear immediately. as shown below.

This video from YouTube will show you the steps for adding Sound Recorder.

(Another way to do this would be to download a free programme called Audacity and save you words as MP3 files. Add them to Windows Live Movie maker where it says ‘Add music’.)

f) Once you have added the sound to all the parts where you want sound, save the completed file as a movie on your computer. 

g) Watch the webinar from last Wednesday on how to upload a Windows Live Movie Maker File and remember to click the little checkbox which says ‘I have been invited to submit this for the competition (I can’t remember the exact wording). Add the movie and anything else to this. 

That’s it. Good luck with your application

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